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One, two, three …

ready to play or to train

You are in the best place to find out how Pikkus works


A Pikku, your smartphone and ready to enjoy

To use Pikku Sports while playing your favourite sport, you just need one Pikky and the free Android app installed your smartphone. To make the most of the system use a second Pikku and a smartphone holder. We offer you several options but you may choose other brands.

Place your smarpthone or tablet

Place your mobile device with our holder or others in the best location depending of your use case. Remember that you can use it to record videos, as a score for the spectators or to view online info as you are training. Each use will require a different location. It is important to keep a maximum distance of 20m with the Pikkus and located as high as possible.


Choose your sport

Currently Pikku has special configurations for Padel, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash and Basketball. And we are working in many others: handball, volleball, golf… Remember that you can choose between playing mode and training mode. If your sport is not now available you can always use another one to record smart videos.

Bind your Pikku with your smartphone or tablet

With only one click your Pikku and your smartphone or tablet will work together. Your device will receive all the information gathered by your Pikku and you will be able to interact with your device remotely through the free app.


Put your Pikku on

Place your Pikku on your wristband or your clip to locate it in the wrist, waist or ankle depending on what you are going to train. Enjoy and share your experience.


Download your quick start guide if you would like to have more information about Pikku

Would you like to find out more about Pikku Sports?

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